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Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas) is a commonly used fuel for forklifts. It is a safe and clean fuel when handled properly.

The benefits of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) over diesel emissions

Financials aside, Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas) is a much cleaner-burning fuel than diesel, which means your engines will generally last longer. It also won’t leave residual soot on the materials your forklifts handle, which is a plus for businesses moving products such as food, pharmaceuticals and textiles. LPG also produces fewer PM10 particles (which have been linked to respiratory problems), as well as emitting less CO2 – which is good news for your workforce, and for meeting legally binding carbon reduction criteria. Refuelling Liquid petroleum Gas (LP Gas)-powered forklifts is quick and hassle-free.

Power & flexibility

The Central Energy Fund of South Africa regulates the pricing of LP-Gas. Pricing fluctuates monthly, it either goes up or down as per this Government Department on the first Tuesday of each month.